Police Officer- Town of Mountain Village – Mountain Village Police Department

  • Age: 21
  • Education: Post Certified
  • Experience: Flexible

Minimum qualifications include: 21 years of age at time of hire; high school diploma or GED, Colorado POST certified, have an acceptable driving record, no felony convictions, and successfully complete a background check as well as medical, polygraph, psychological, written and interview examinations prior to being appointed.   Must maintain a level of physical fitness to meet Department standards; ability to perform required physical task including working outdoors in extreme weather conditions for extended periods of time; able to work nights, weekends and holidays. Residency required within 90 days of appointment (10-minute response time to Mountain Village); acceptable driving and criminal history records

Licenses/Certification(s): A valid Colorado State Driver’s License are required; within one year of hire, must complete the peace officer’s basic course presented by the Colorado POST Academy; some incumbents may be required to obtain additional specific skills training and technical certifications.

Knowledge of: Police department policies and procedures; current law enforcement techniques and procedures, including case laws governing arrest, probable cause, and search and seizure; criminal and traffic codes; county, state and Federal laws, regulations and ordinances; rules of evidence; criminal justice and court systems, procedures and protocols in the State of Colorado; investigative and interrogative procedures, and protocols for observation and memorization of critical details; use-of-force rules; hazardous chemicals and materials, first aid and CPR; special regional law enforcement zones; geography, roads, and landmarks of the Town of Mountain Village; law enforcement equipment, vehicles, and weapons; records, reports, and documentation relative to law enforcement activities; supervisory principles, practices, and methods.

Skill in: Patrolling the Town and providing for the protection and safety of residents and property; monitoring for illegal activity, traffic violations, and persons in need of assistance; responding to calls for service and complaints made by the public; conducting investigations and preparing departmental records and reports; composing clear, concise and accurate reports, prepare police reports, forms, summonses and records using correct spelling, grammar, punctuation and legible penmanship; effectively communicate with, and understand people of varying ethnic, social, cultural and educational backgrounds; utilizing the senses of sight, hearing, smell and feel to recognize threats, conditions of danger or other factors, recognizing and identifying people, vehicles, colors, sizes and other things in the course of their duties.