Police Officer I, II,& III – City of Lakeport

Under general supervision, patrols an assigned area in the prevention of crime and enforcement of law and order; carries out special assignments related to departmental operations or law enforcement in general; conducts investigations; performs related work as assigned.

Please see full job description available with application packet.

Patrols an assigned area during an assigned shift and looks for indicators of possible criminal activity or threats to life and property; answers calls for police services; makes field contacts and completes forms; may conduct both preliminary and follow-up investigations.

Makes arrests as necessary; serves warrants and subpoenas; conducts searches and seizures; interviews victims, complainants, and witnesses; interrogates suspects; gathers and preserves evidence; receives, searches, and books prisoners; fingerprints and transports prisoners; testifies and presents evidence in court.

Contacts and cooperates with other law enforcement agencies in matters relating to the investigation of crimes and the apprehension of offenders. Writes reports and field notes; participates in staff development; attends briefings and training sessions; performs routine maintenance on assigned patrol vehicle, firearms, and other equipment.

Makes traffic stops and issues warnings, citations, investigates vehicle accidents, provides emergency medical care as necessary.  Assists the public and answers questions; administers first aid and responds to calls for medical assistance; establishes and maintains good relationships with the general public