Cops blame ‘turnstile justice’ for rise in attacks on them

Police are blaming the national movement to decriminalize illegal activities for the sharp increase in attacks on law enforcement, saying that assailants believe they can strike or even shoot a cop and get off with a slap on the wrist.

A new internal FBI report said that police are having more run-ins with convicts released early from jail, the product of “turnstile justice.”

The FBI report, provided to Secrets, said, “Assailants who experience this ‘turnstile justice system’ know they are going to receive a lighter sentence than they would have in the past and will be released early, if incarcerated at all. This may lead to a belief by the assailant that consequences no longer exist for criminal acts, especially drug offenses.”

It’s a vicious circle, said the FBI, explaining that drug convicts get out early, return to drug use and eventually have a face-off with police. And it usually doesn’t go well.

In interviewing police who’ve been attacked, the FBI concluded that attackers feel desperate and will shoot to stay out of jail. Cops, the FBI said, feel that their attacker “would not have used deadly force against the officer if the assailant was sober.”

It’s one of the reasons new Attorney General Jeff Sessions is planning to reverse course on judicial reforms that cut sentences for felonies.

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