Woman is kicked out of Russian police academy… because she was ‘raised by DOGS’: Bosses say she cannot join the force and brand her ‘feral’

  • Lyudmila Fursova’s parents abandoned her in a dog kennel when she was three
  • She was later transferred to a Russian orphanage where she had to beg for food
  • Tatiana Demihova saw her at the fence and gave her bread, bananas and juice 
  • She adopted Lyudmila who studied to get scholarship to prestigious law school
  • Lyudmila, 21, was kicked out in her third year, ending her hopes of police career
  • Adoptive mother claims it is because they found about the neglect she suffered

A Russian girl raised by dogs had a potential career as a police detective terminated because her bosses found out about her feral past and expelled her from university, her adoptive mother has claimed.

Lyudmila Fursova, 21, was sent to a grim Russian orphanage after her negligent, alcoholic parents allowed her to live in a kennel aged just three.

When she was five, the hungry girl was begging for food over the fence of the austere state institution when a kindly woman passerby gave her some freshly-baked bread, bananas and juice.

That woman, Tatiana Demihova, adopted Lyudmila and offered her the loving upbringing her own incapable mother – subsequently convicted of murdering an abusive partner – failed to provide.

Resilient Lyudmila overcame her appalling start to life as a feral child neglected by her mother and foster parents.

‘We bought her beautiful dresses, she was like a princess,’ said mother-of-four Tatiana.

‘She was into swimming, running and also played for her school’s basketball team.

‘But her biggest dream was to enter a law school to train as a police investigator.

‘From her childhood she told me: ‘I’ll grow up and jail all the criminals…..I want to be an investigator and fight for justice’.’

Lyudmila studied hard and won a scholarship as a high flyer to study at a prestigious law university in Belgorod.

But now, in her third year, she has been thrown out of the academy and can no longer look forward to a police career.

Her adoptive mother says the decision came after her police chiefs found out about her biological mother’s neglect including her conviction for murder and Lyudmila’s feral upbringing.

Lyudmila claims she was victim of a trumped up accusation of seeking to skip classes and saying she might ‘shoot someone’, adding: ‘That day I was feeling unwell.

‘The next class was shooting, and I went to the medical office to get a sick leave, because I felt dizzy.

‘I had hypertension or something similar. It’s about having a weapon in your hands. What if I passed out? So I honestly said I was afraid this might happen.

‘The nurse yelled at me and accused me of making it up, she didn’t give me a sick leave.’

She was given medication and ordered to join her class.

Tatiana claimed her adoptive daughter was being blamed for being the feral daughter of a convicted murderer.

‘Her biological mother was stripped of her parental rights when Lyudmila was three, and they have had nothing in common since then,’ she said.

She expressed her ‘pride’ in Lyudmila’s achievement and said it was a ‘tragedy’ that her hopes of a glittering police career were now shattered.

But the official report accuses her of ‘inappropriate behavior’ by saying to the medic that she might ‘shoot someone in class’.

Tatiana recalled how they first met.

‘My husband and I have four grownup children, we were not thinking about foster kids,’ she said.

‘But I went to see a friend, and was on my way home having bought a loaf of bread. It was very fresh and soft.

‘I was walking past the orphanage. I saw a little girl, aged five, begging for bread. I bought her bananas and juice too.’

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